To All My Jersey Homies


“My name is..Shake Zula, the mic Ruler, the old schooler; You wanna trip? I’ll bring it to ya!
Frylock and I’m on top, rock you like a cop
Meatwad you’re up next
With your knock-knock
Meatwad make the money, see; Meatwad get the honies, G. Drivin’ in my car, livin’ like a star,’Ice on my fingers and my toes and I’m a Taurus 

Ha ha, check it, uh, check-check it, yeah

Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the Homies say “Ho” and the girlies wanna scream!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Number 1 in the Hood, G! ” – Schooly D

Last year, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a 15 year saga of 15 minute episodes centering around anthropomorphic foodstuffs who pose as a superhero force but mainly spend their time harrassing their next door neighbor Carl, finally went off the air.  The fact that a show with such a premise lasted so long is impressive, to say the least.  This blog has nothing to do with anything, unless of course, you are a native of New Jersey like myself.  Don’t get me wrong: I love Bruce Springsteen; Taylor Ham, egg  and cheese sandwiches; diners, and many other distinctly “Jersey” phenomena.  But ATHF was a show like no other.  A show that began each episode with a brief back and forth between a mad scientist and his assistant who lived in a haunted-looking mansion “somewhere on the Jersey Shore”.  One episode had our triumverate of animated foodstuffs taking a ride on a submarine in the Trenton Tar Pits, kind of like Disney World’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea attraction, but with tar and various disgusting pieces of garbage suspended in the sludge.  If you are a denizen of New Jersey, past or present, and haven’t experienced this ingeneous cartoon, I highly recommend doing so now.  However the kids do it these days: re-runs on Adult Swim, Netflix, Hulu, buying the DVDs…I just don’t know.  I’m proudly ignorant of our here-today-obsolete-tomorrow technology.  Just watch it.  Then thank me for advising you to do so.

Paul Loughman

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