4 thoughts on “Aesthetic Adjustment

  1. I read your comment on The Bloggess about “I Am Better Than Your Kids” and when I went to Amazon to order it, I saw the title has been changed to “Crappy Children’s Art.” Just FYI! Your blog looks fascinating — I am going to check it out. Peace, Linda

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    1. Thank you! I was aware of the title change of Maddox’s book, but I prefer the original title, so I stuck with that. Fair warning: don’t read it in a public place. It’s one of those books that truly lives up to the description ‘laugh-out-loud until people around you become so alarmed that they call in a priest to perform an exorcism’.


  2. I wanted to reply to your comment with a photo of Zack Morris winking while talking on his gigantic 1980s cell phone, but I can’t seem to drag and drop the picture into the comment field. That Zack is a wily one.


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