Bang A Gong, Get It On


Last night’s post necessitated that I submerge myself in a sea of metaphysics.  Now I wonder if this wasn’t my way of refusing to face my grief.  The world lost a cultural revolutionary with the passing of Chuck Barris, creator and host of The Gong Show, hit song writer and alleged CIA operative.  Of those accomplishments, his legacy was cemented with the most shamelessly moronic game show ever televised.  The 1970s was an era when people inexplicably laughed uproariously at the likes of Ray Jay Johnson, Shields and Yarnell, and Steve Martin parading around a stage in bunny ears randomly shouting, “Excuuuuuse me!”  Chuck tapped into the zeitgeist by creating a platform for Gene Gene The Dancing Machine and The Unknown Comic, knowing full well that the viewing public would enthusiastically devour all this schlock.  He extended the show business careers of people like Jaye P. Morgan, Nipsey Russell, Rip Taylor and Charles Nelson Reilly, long after kids like me forgot how they became celebrities in the first place.  Rest in peace, Chuck.  When the shock of your loss recedes, we’ll all still remember you for being…someone who existed.  That’s more than most of us can claim.

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