Slap In The Face


In the Golden Age of the Silver Screen, a slap in the face was the classic reaction of a leading woman to the advances of a cad.  This act conveys such unquestionable derision that it’s become a phrase to describe just about any perceived insult or injustice – Ain’t that a slap in the face?  But a slap in the face isn’t necessarily the proper response to just any asshole in your vicinity.  Some people are so heinous that were I to ponder what I’d do if I had the opportunity to meet them, the fantasy would surely be of the murderous variety.  That’s not to say that I actually want to kill anyone, but as Marie in Breaking Bad said to her therapist shortly after discovering the extent of Walt’s treachery to her husband, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt anybody…but it just feels good to think about it.”

This post isn’t about murder fantasies.  It’s about slap-in-the-face fantasies and as such, will exclude dictators, despots, Donalds, warlords, neo-Nazis and Fox News hosts.  Here’s a short rundown of just a handful of the celebrities that I would pay good money for an opportunity to slap squarely in the face.

Peter Cetera


This douchebag holds the distinction of being #1 on my list of most slappable twats.  He was bad enough as the front man for Chicago, but when he broke out on his own, his crimes against humanity really took a dark turn.  “I am a man who will fight for your honor…”.  Really?  You?  I’m not sure whose honor you’re defending, hence I don’t know who you’d have to fight in order to do so, but I can say without hesitation that you’d lose that fight.  You know what?  Whoever you were singing to there…I just dishonored her egregiously.  Want to fight about it?  Yeah?  Come here, Peter.  SLAP!!

Natalie Merchant


The first 10,000 Maniacs album, “The Wishing Chair” was wonderful.  They had yet to achieve mass popularity and all of the songs were underscored by dreamy slide guitar riffs that took the focus off of Natalie’s vocals.  The track “My Mother The War” remains one of my favorite songs ever recorded.  By their next album, the great guitarist had left the band and Natalie’s awful vocal delivery was front and center.  Covering Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” was a lame enough idea on its own merits, but her inexplicable pronunciation of the title, making it sound like “peace tlen” literally makes my blood boil.  This affected asshole was born and raised in Cooperstown, NY, so I won’t give her shitty forced dialectical weirdness the same benefit of the doubt that I granted Nico with The Velvet Underground.  And have you seen her dance on stage?  It’s like watching an epileptic donkey at Woodstock after it inhaled an entire canister of Whip-its.  Well…maybe I’m being overly harsh.  I’m sorry.  Come here, Natalie.  Let’s hug and make up…SLAP!!

Tom Cruise

Do I even need to explain this one?  Tom’s Mini-Me and Scientology Chairman of the Board David Miscavige is relegated to my murder fantasy category, and that’s the only reason Toothy Tom gets off with just a slap.  If you answered my opening question in the affirmative, just watch this creepy and bizarre declaration of Scientology Superpowers and I’m sure you’ll be on board:


Kirk Cameron


Ideally, I’d get the chance to approach Kirk from 20 paces, because he deserves a double slap as if I were challenging him to a duel.  That’s because both versions of Kirk Cameron are fundamentally slap-worthy.  First, there was the smug, jheri-curled 80s heartthrob version that appeared in Growing Pains.  The fact that his self-satisfied mug appeared on the cover of Teen Beat on an almost weekly basis is enough to earn him his first slap.  Then, of course, there’s the insufferable Born Again producer of God-awful Christian cinema and gay marriage detractor version of Kirk that we have today.  Come pray with me, Kirk.  Let’s close our eyes, bow our heads and praise the Lord…SLAP!!  SLAP!!

There are so many famous people who merit a slap in the face that I need to cut this short lest I belabor my point.  The above hand-picked smattering of slappable celebs was just provided as a reference guide.  What I’d really like to know, dear readers, is who among the famous (or formerly famous) YOU would find most satisfying to be the recipient of five fingers to the face.  The comments section is now open.  Get slappin’, my friends.



SLAP!!  Did you hear that?

23 thoughts on “Slap In The Face

  1. Haha. I once stepped out of a parking garage and saw this guy, who could have doubled for Michael J Fox, leaning on his bicycle. His bicycle! The smug look on his face, yeah, I know I look like Michael. I really had to suppress the need to punch the guy in the face.

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  2. Since I’m riled up and in the mood to slap someone, perhaps Kirk Cameron’s sis can be added to this list. Ya know, for good measure.

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  3. HA! Loved this, and think having a tiered approach (next being those relegated to the murder fantasy realm) is brilliant. As you implied, a SLAP is slimy, yet satisfying. As I read, I was forming a list in my own little head. I’ll keep most to myself, but I think that Dr. Phil has the kind of face that deserves multiple rounds of attention.

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  4. Peter Cetera?! HAHAHA. Your list is the best, and I fully support your desire to slap each one of them. Bill O’Reilly is at the top of my list. However, I don’t think I would be able to contain myself and would end up hauling off and decking him right in his stupid face. Ahhh. I feel better now just thinking about it. Thanks, Paul!

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    1. Yes, Bill O’Reilly would be a dangerous one! I had his and Hannity’s faces in mind when I ruled out Fox News hosts from the pool of famous people I could choose to slap with the restraint to leave it at that. Although if I did include O’Reilly, he might go down in history as the only recorded case of death by incessant slapping and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for him having even that kind of a footnote in the annals of history.

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  5. I’d love to slap the piss out of whoever played Alf. God, I hated that alien.
    And I had Kirk Cameron’s face plastered all over my bedroom walls. Damn him and those dimples.

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    1. Apparently, Alf was played by Paul Fusco. I didn’t know that, I just looked it up. According to IMDB, in addition to the series, he also starred in Alf Tales, Alf Animated Adventures, Project: Alf, and Alf’s Hit Talkshow. Also, he appeared on an episode of Matlock as…Alf.

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