Friday Funhouse 2! (Electric Boogaloo)

Welcome back to Friday Funhouse!  And I know what you’re thinking…”is he really going to number and subtitle this stupid thing every single week?”  The answer, of course, is yes, at least until we reach the 8th installment, then it’s up to the studio whores behind the Fast & Furious franchise to crank out some more cookie-cutter crash-em-up sequels whose subtitles I can wittily lift for this weekly feature.

Before going any further, I’d like to apologize to anyone who may have experienced seizures as a result of looking at the rapidly flashing GIF image that accompanied my last post.  But, you know, this is kind of a look at your own risk deal, so…(Maryellen, maybe you should insert some legal language at the bottom of the page absolving us from responsibility in the case of neurological distress.  Unless you think that might be a good gimmick for us — “Come read our page — you might get seizures!”)

Here’s a short scene from Shameless where Sheila (Joan Cusack) does her damndest to entertain a newly sober Frank:

6 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 2! (Electric Boogaloo)

  1. What the hell was that!? I’ve never watched Shameless, or any TV, for that matter. I have no cable, but enjoy Internet on a 47 inch Vizio with no subscriptions. So I am lacking in entertainment quotient, only in a different way. But this was funny. I love Joan Cusack and William H. Macy. He thrives on tragic and she will always be her character in Toys.

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    1. Shameless is arguably the most offensive and inappropriate show ever televised. It’s also quite brilliant and hilarious and often VERY sad. But it’s to your credit that you have no cable…most of it is a vast wasteland.

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  2. I LOVE SHAMELESS SOOOOOO MUCH!!! hahaha. That scene right there is exactly the reason why – it is totally fucked up! Oh, and mind if I steal your gimmick line? I am thinking it might be just the thing to get me more readers! It’s hilarious!!

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