Gratitude Break

I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you who reads this blog and provides such incredible encouragement and brilliant repartee below the posts.  When Maryellen and I started this thing, our only goal was to give ourselves a venue to express ourselves, even if only to each other.  We never would have dreamed that it would generate this much interest from such awesome writers and brand new friends the world over.  We have a comparatively modest following in the WordPress universe, but it is comprised of people who manage to blow my mind every day with incredible prose and poetry only to turn around and tell me that my writing is just as good.  That’s debatable, but I’ll just shut up now and take the compliment.

If you are reading this, then I am talking directly to you.  However, I would be remiss if I didn’t specifically thank for enormous inspiration and encouragement the following amazing writers: OrchidsLantern, TheIncurableDreamer, AnAmericanHaiku and TheModernLeper.  The fact that you do not have books in the #1 slot of the NYT bestseller list is an injustice to you and to the potential readers who have never experienced your genius.

As a token of my sincere appreciation, here’s this:


6 thoughts on “Gratitude Break

  1. Paul, you just made me smile so big. Thank you, thank you! When I began writing this blog I had no idea how blessed my life was to become. I discovered that this blogging world is about so much more than just words. It is about connections, ideas, and friendships. You are not only a tremendous support and reader of my blog, but are my friend. You have brought so much light to my life and I look forward to chatting with you throughout each week. That guy up there doing a happy dance, is me dancing for you.

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