Friday Funhouse 4: ZoSo



If you were a child in the 70s, you’re probably familiar with Sesame Street’s hipper, more psychedelic cousin, The Electric Company.  Though educational, the show had me riveted to the TV screen each week to check out the newest adventures of a cheesy live action Spiderman and to see if the two silhouettes speaking half-words to each other would ever forget that this was a PBS children’s program and let slip with “Sh” – “It” – “Shit!” (de doo de doo). 

To my perpetual disappointment, the silhouettes watched their language every time I tuned in, but I was unwittingly exposed to the acting prowess of a young Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno.  I could never have predicted that one day, Mr. Freeman would go on to narrate my favorite mind-fuck of a program, Through The Wormhole.  Morgan had a recurring role as Easy Reader, a smooth afro-sporting spokesman who might have been the first person to give me the idea that reading is cool.  Rita was a tad less subtle, startling toddlers across the U.S. every week by screaming the catchphrase “HEY YOU GUUUUUYYS!!!!!” at the top of her lungs.  But this little gem finds them combining their talents to sublime effect.  I’d trade all of my possessions for the hat Morgan’s wearing in this clip:

6 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 4: ZoSo

  1. Wow, this is better than the crap then they were feeding those of us who were born in the late eighties. I’m starting to feel the seventies were a musical/cultural free-for-all of awesome and I missed it…and Morgan Freeman was a fox, damn.

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