I would like to salute the ashes of American flags, and all the fallen leaves filling up shopping bags. – Wilco

My very first post on this page entitled “Babylon Is Burning” was motivated by a fear I had never experienced prior to November 9, 2016.

Richard Milhous Nixon was the president of the United States when I was born in 1970.  Though his horrific legacies of the War on Drugs and the “Southern Strategy” have ensured that life in the States has remained inordinately difficult for minorities, he didn’t quite succeed in upending the American experiment of a democratic republic once and for all.  I needn’t elaborate on the high crimes of the Bush-Cheney administration, the effects of which will continue to be felt around the world for years to come.  However, the actions “Aw, Shucks” W. performed in service of Vice President Darth Vader were also insufficient to destroy the nation and its tenuous democratic processes, as the election of Barack Obama in 2008 confirmed.

Obviously, the landslide election of an erudite black man with a Muslim-sounding name was a bridge too far for the enormous segment of our population that is scared shitless of the prospect of changing demographics and inclusive values.  The propaganda shit show at Fox News kicked into high gear disseminating false narratives and paranoid freak outs about the President, liberals, LGBT people, Muslims, atheists, college graduates, women who don’t know their place, and of course, blacks.  Their viewership grew to epic proportions and ignorant white douchebags from coast to coast lapped up this misinformation like it was Manna from Heaven.

The fear I felt on the morning of November 9 was a fear of fascism.  More specifically, the fear of finding myself living as a citizen in a fascist nation.  I wish that I could say that in retrospect, this fear was unfounded, but unfortunately, the worst case scenario is coming to fruition and I don’t see anyone with sufficient political or military power doing anything to stop it.  The Orange Menace is consolidating power – step one in the creation of a dictatorship.  He is threatening to change the libel laws (the First Amendment) so that not too far down the road, the writing of a post like this could become a criminal act – step two: stifle dissent.  This week, he publicly stated that the Constitution is “archaic” (not sure who taught him that word) and needs to be overhauled – step three.  This is the exact same game plan utilized by Hitler in his complete takeover of Germany.  I urge everyone who lives in this country to read “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich” by William Shirer to see the overwhelming parallels between what happened in 1930s Germany and what is going on right here and now in the United States.

In that first post, I pleaded with myself and anyone reading it to remain compassionate while fighting for justice and to avoid hatred of those with whom we are politically at odds.  That was good advice, if only I were capable of following it.  This will probably be the last political rant I will post here for a long, long time because I once again feel the need to impose as complete a news blackout upon myself as humanly possible.  It’s essential for my sanity and my humanity.  I am nearly certain that the U.S.A. is no longer a place where decent people can live in peace.  I am just as certain that it is only going to get much worse.  Just look who’s at the helm.

I don’t want to harbor hatred in my heart.  At the same time, I don’t want my friends and neighbors to have to suffer incarceration, deportation or worse just because of the color of their skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnicity.  I will continue to watch out for my brothers and sisters who are justifiably more horrified than this straight, white male at what may befall them under such a dictatorship.  But I will do what little I can to provide help and support while remaining willfully ignorant of the daily atrocities of the burgeoning Fourth Reich.

I am not a political scientist and I have noticed that there are many wonderful blogs out there devoted to getting important and detailed information about the machinations of the Trump regime to their readers.  Bless them all.  When I conclude the mini-rant you are currently reading, I will continue to write posts dedicated to fiction, humor, philosophy, physics, and sundry nonsensical topics du jour.  But I feel it is in my best interests to abandon the topic of American politics from here on out.  However, before I do, I’d like to blurt out one final thought on the matter:

Where the hell are all the troubled loners with a Jodie Foster obsession when we need them most?  Come on, Motherfuckers!!  I know it’s not often we call upon your services, but I’m afraid this is an emergency.

Ahem.  I know.  I need to go meditate.  Thanks for indulging whatever this was, and please stay safe, my dear friends.

8 thoughts on “fuck.

  1. Yeah, life’s a bitch. You’re doing the right thing keeping your head out of the sh*tstorm that is the news. I occasionally take a peak to see which way the wind’s blowing. I turn off anything that upsets me. It’s good meditation to just keep the head free from the noise.

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  2. I am a Canadian, but as I read your post, I felt your fear deeply. Dark days have settled in, and are not only affecting the US, but the entire world. I do not understand how the entire GOP party is able to sit back and let this ego-driven maniac destroy democracy, and openly repress anyone who isn’t a white man over the age of 60. It is like we are watching a horror movie and we haven’t even reached the end of Act 1 yet – it is going to get so much worse. 2018 and 2020 can’t come soon enough. But I am with you, isn’t anyone willing to step up and take one for the team, and end this?? I fear for what is to come. This crazy bastard is going to get every human being on earth killed.

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  3. It is with a heavy heart that I welcome you to the farewell party for faith in humanity.
    I think the reason no one has stepped up to the plate and taken a shot for the team (so to speak) is because right now the only people who’d be willing to kill Trump are good people, and good people generally don’t do that sort of thing.

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  4. I know you shared this post quite awhile ago (while I was on “hiatus”) but I’m glad I read this. I’m still on a News blackout, and fighting the urge to voice my thoughts on my blog. I, like you, am not a political scientist. But I can see the consequences of the action/inaction our leadership is taking and I feel compelled to sound my puny barbaric yawp in concern.

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    1. I think many of us feel that way, Gabe. Right now, the only silver linings for me in all of this are 1) I am currently loving watching Trump lose his mind; 2) I am currently making myself excited at the prospect of moving out of the US for good in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

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