Friday Funhouse 6(66)

Four and three and two and one – say it loud, you’re at the Funhouse and proud! 

This week, I shit-canned yet another social media account created for the promotion of Two Voices but not before spending approximately 3 weeks fruitlessly trying to figure out what the fuck is the purpose of Twitter.  Thus ended my embarrassingly ill-advised forays into the cheapskate’s version of digital advertising. The only followers I accrued in that time were people who already read my silliness with regularity and we ended up re-tweeting each other’s tweets for the seeming edification of ourselves.  (It was still very much appreciated, OrchidsLantern).  Other than that, Sarah Silverman and Patton Oswalt tweeted some funny shit and Donald Schmuck twice pissed me off so badly with his deluded cocksuckery that I ripped him a new one in response, further cementing my place on some government watch list.

Just now, I gained some newfound respect for Microsoft Word, because it underscored the word “tweeted” in green, implying it’s not a word in that context which of course, it isn’t.  Then again, it underscored “cocksuckery” in red and that is absolutely a word in any context.

If anyone’s been wondering, Maryellen’s in the midst of recuperating from surgery and packing up to move to Santa Fe, so you’re stuck with me for the foreseeable future.  Once she’s settled in her new digs, I’m sure she’ll have plenty to report.

So now, let’s drop in on the gals from Broad City, as Ilana discovers the shocking extent of Abbi’s obsession with Bed, Bath & Beyond:

17 thoughts on “Friday Funhouse 6(66)

    1. I don’t think Twitter has a purpose. Honestly, I looked at much of what other people were posting that inexplicably caused a sensation of likes and re-tweets and the only thing I could surmise was that I just never figured out the significance of hashtags. Would my crap have been more popular if I had ended each tweet with #ReadMyPageOrDie? Alas, this will remain a mystery as I have washed my hands of all media of the social variety, other than this right here which at least demands that you write something original in order to create a comments field in which to b.s. socially.

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      1. One of my friends and I make fun of hashtags as often as we can.
        You get the idea. I am a minion of Facebook though. Since 2009. For shame, I know, but I love cat videos soo much!

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    1. That might actually be an ideal way to get the news, since it’s confined to little 140 character synopses, thus sparing you from the full frontal attack on your sanity that comes with most newsworthy events these days. Your following is modest because your blog is well done and creative and utilizes proper grammar. I’m serious. If you really wanted to attract people in the thousands, all you’d have to do is start creating one paragraph posts about what you ate for dinner and be sure to pepper it with superfluous exclamation marks and smiley emoticons.

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  1. “cementing my place on some government watch list”. And I thought I was just being paranoid. I never reply to Agent Orange’s tweets. I’ll let guys like you with the balls to take the hits take them when he comes after you like in Erdrogan’s Turkish social media purges. If he’s not dragged out of the Oval Office in handcuffs first.

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      1. It’s just a cheap Huawei. I guess the Chinese just know how it is.

        Lol, also interestingly, it tried to correct Huawei to Hussein. But to be fair, I think I’m using the android keyboard and dictionary.

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    1. Yes! Keep me posted on the progress, as I am no longer part of the Twitterverse. Look at the ridiculous pseudo-word with which I ended that sentence and imagine reading it 15 years ago. Though it may be more acceptable now, it’s still repulsive.

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      1. Ha, can’t say I ever was, which now that you mention it might make my newfound crusade all the more challenging. Repulsive though it may be there is hardly a more fitting term when talking about the anti-lorax.

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