Thursday Night Friday Funhouse


Greetings, Comrades.  I usually compose these – my laziest posts – on Friday mornings as I’m downing my first cup of coffee.  The very name Friday Funhouse seems to explicitly imply that the exhilaration of having reached the end of a work week is what motivates me to temporarily change gears and spare you from having to read yet another of my political diatribes, philosophical mind-fucks or grisly horror stories, if just for one day.  But as I am sending this transmission from the heart of Bizarro World a/k/a the United States of America, I figured I might as well adopt the overarching stance of the American population from the top down which is essentially, “Fuck you.  I do what I want.”  If the treasonous sack of baboon smegma in the White House can get away with such an attitude, I might as well find the diamond amidst the pile of horse manure in which I live and apply this self-serving philosophy to how I post stuff to my page.  So welcome back to Friday Funhouse…on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Maryellen ceded the administrative privileges of Two Voices to me since she’s overwhelmed by life circumstances that people who aren’t as lazy as I often seem to experience.  So for the first time, I was able to actually see who our WordPress followers are and I was downright flattered to realize that so many of you whose excellent writing I eagerly devour also find our little page worthy of reading.  If you enjoy our content even a fraction as much as I do yours, then clearly we’re doing something right here at T.V.I.O.T.

This week, as a reward for your touching dedication, I give you Dr. Steve Brule lending his celebrity status to an infomercial for a new cutting edge kitchen gadget called The Griddleman:

13 thoughts on “Thursday Night Friday Funhouse

  1. ‘I figured I might as well adopt the overarching stance of the American population from the top down which is essentially, “Fuck you. I do what I want.”’ – genuine laugh out loud moment right there 😁

    I hope Mary Ellen is feeling less swamped soon, pass on my best.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll give Maryellen a call tonight and pass on your sentiments. Funny thing is, we currently live less than 3 miles from each other but sometimes only communicate online. Maybe when she moves to Santa Fe (about an hour north of here), I’ll see her more often. Then again, maybe not. Further proof that technology has ravaged our social skills.

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    1. Thanks! To me, the funniest thing about Steve Brule is that John C. Reilly began his career as a Shakespearian actor and somehow found his way to playing the most ridiculously stupid character ever on Tim & Eric Awesome Show.


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