Drunk History


This is a Friday afternoon addendum to the Thursday Night Friday Funhouse.  Just found this photo in my archived e-mails and figured I’d post it here, since it’s a rare shot of both me and Maryellen getting loaded.  This was circa 2008 at a “Geeks Who Drink” night hosted by Albuquerque’s Blackbird Buvette (no longer in business).  R to L: 1) Some guy with red hair who came with 2) our friend Amy, 3) Maryellen, and 4) me.

My current status as a teetotaler makes photos like this one all the more amusing.  I don’t recall how that evening ended.  I also don’t recall how that evening began.  From the looks of it, Maryellen probably doesn’t, either.  But the visual evidence proves that Amy and I have the most discerning palettes of this motley group, as we’re both drinking Negra Modello, while Maryellen went with Corona and Rodney Red Hair opted for Dos Equis.



10 thoughts on “Drunk History

  1. I brought a case of Negro Modelo to a picnic and after his first sip, one of my nephews made a face and said, “What is this sh*t!?!?”
    I like it. That sweet, sickly smooth, Malta Corona head is very unique, at first, then it mellows into a great drink.

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    1. I’m glad you think so because after I posted this, I was thinking I should’ve called him Archie Andrews, but I just left it as it was because this isn’t exactly a post that lends itself to overthinking.

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  2. Actually, that night ended with the four of us in your old place in my backyard. There were some pills, and then you started setting off fireworks indoors under your xmas tree.

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