Binge Reading Marathon


The episodic horror story I’ve been posting here is getting tough to follow for some readers who didn’t catch it from the beginning, so here are links to the 8 installments encompassing the story thus far.  And as a bonus for those who have been reading it since its inception, I inserted a creepy Breaking Bad promo at the end of this post because it perfectly captures the feel of the most sinister aspects of New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment”.  Thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic reception of my first attempt at horror fiction.  I will endeavor to scare the shit out of you right to the finish, whenever that may come.

Ningún Santuario


Laços de Família

Diego Huerta



Big Chief

Small Mercies

11 thoughts on “Binge Reading Marathon

  1. Not having cable, I never got to see the show. This is one awesome preview. Is it all like this? I imagined a scenario where this guy’s constantly in his suburban garage mixing chemicals – a kind of Cosmic Criminal Nutty Professor. Or, else he’s shuttling briefcases of speed in parking garages full of Sopranos style mooks. The desert scenes are stunning! I’d watch it just for that.

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    1. Oh, you have no idea, Pablo. All of the “greatest show of all time” stuff that you may have heard is not hyperbole. It is psychological, philosophical, dark, beautiful, brutal, scary and the best acted, written and filmed series I’ve ever seen. New Mexico and all its stark beauty is as vital a character as Bryan Cranston’s Walt (which Sir Anthony Hopkins assessed as “the finest acting I’ve ever seen on television”. So yeah, you won’t be disappointed.

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    1. Oh yes. Living in Albuquerque is forever inextricably entwined with Breaking Bad. The Big Chief gas station in part 7 of my story was a major setting in season 3 of BB — that’s where Jesse paid for gas in blue meth and Hank discovered the existence of the RV through the ATM security camera.

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    1. Thanks! That was my Halloween Alice Cooper get-up that consisted almost entirely of my friend Michele’s S&M wardrobe except for the top hat. The picture doesn’t show the 3 inch stiletto heels I had on.

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      1. Damn! I can’t wear stiletto heels (weak ankles) plus I am tall enough on my own.
        I figured you were Alice Cooper or an extra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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