Final Funhouse!


Come one, come all, it’s the final installment of the Friday Funhouse or Thursday Afternoon Funhouse or whatever Funhouse best suits the time zone you occupy!  In other words, I’m already tired of this weekly feature where I cull the archives of YouTube for funny shit and then repost it here, mostly because I’m sure you’re all quite capable of doing that yourselves, not to mention I’m terrible at feigning joviality and sooner or later, I’m sure to be in a crappy mood at the end of the week, and who knows what kind of disturbing images I’d thrust upon you in that scenario. (<– that was a very long sentence) So in a spirit of good will, the Funhouse is closing shop permanently.  But not before one last special treat for all of you loyal fun seekers.

To thank you for your patronage, I give you a trailer for the upcoming blockbuster film “Little Danson Man”, courtesy of Tim & Eric Awesome Show.  We wanted to go out with a bang, and this one has it all: Ted Danson, David Cross and a VERY special appearance by the man I just weeks ago placed at #1 on my list of most slap-worthy celebrities, Peter Cetera.  Enjoy:

8 thoughts on “Final Funhouse!

  1. I swear that I was just thinking about Friday Funhouse and hoping that it was in my reader early like last week. And now you’re discontinuing it! Story of my life.
    I’ve had so many features over the years that I’ve gotten bored with myself.
    Forced joviality gives me hives.

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    1. Aw. Yes, this discontinuation is in the interest of avoiding hives. But I’ll periodically post Youtube stupidity here, just not in a scheduled manner. Not to mention, in case you didn’t notice, I somehow forgot how to count in the process of the Funhouse’s brief run.

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      1. Plus, Little Danson Man sort of makes this last Funhouse the equivalent of a dozen Funhouses. I had forgotten that Peter Cetera was willing to involve himself in this insanity when I wrote about how much I want to slap him in the face, but I stand by that. This is cool, but it doesn’t make up for 4 decades of musical crimes.

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