Monday morning.  We sit at our laptops and PCs, drinking coffee and browsing the headlines; one last moment of leisure before embarking upon the seemingly predictable tasks of another week.

“There are no coincidences” is an oft-quoted piece of balderdash that is given undue respect by many in the New Age set.  Any two events, regardless of their subjective similarities, that occur simultaneously constitute a coincidence by virtue of the fact that they coincide.  The eminent psychologist Carl Jung explored the existence of more significant and far less common examples of events aligning with subjective significance defying the odds of chance.  He differentiated these events from mere coincidence by calling them synchronicities.  However, nothing necessarily esoteric is implied by his findings due to the hypothesis that we bring about such “cosmic alignments” with our own conscious manipulation of energy fields.  In other words, we ascribe significance to such things after we brought them into being by attuning our perception towards them and adding conscious energy to increase their likelihood.

But why look for superfluous meaning when in the normal course of objective reality, as you sit at your desk and balance spreadsheets, somewhere deep in the waters off Tasmania, this thing is doing whatever the hell a thing like this does on a Monday morning?


If you’re dreading a day of mundane drudgery, all you need to do is reflect upon the simultaneous experience of the noble blobfish or the equally bizarre microscopic tardigrade.  You may find them hopelessly primitive, but I guarantee you neither of them are stressing about the onset of another week.  We should be so wise.

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