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That’s a picture of me standing in front of the house that doubled as Walter White’s home in Breaking Bad.  I chose it as the image for this post in the hopes that it might make some of you jealous that I live in such close proximity to all of the landmarks that appeared in the greatest television show of all time.  But that really has nothing to do with anything.  Just for fun, I’m going to make things more interactive today.  I’m asking all of you who are kind enough to follow my blog to challenge me to write about a specific topic.  I don’t have writer’s block – I can always think of something about which to pontificate – but for the first six months of this page’s existence, I’ve been left to my own devices in choosing my subject matter and perhaps some of you wish I would address topics that are of specific interest to you.   Most of us have a pretty symbiotic online relationship in that I usually end up following your excellent pages and find myself in awe of the way your minds operate.  So I’d like to bring some of your awesomeness into my virtual space in the form of topics that originated from your minds as opposed to my own.  Sure, I am aware that I could utilize any number of daily prompts that are floating around out there in WordPress Land, but that feels like an unimaginative approach, and it wouldn’t satisfy any personal curiosity you may have about what I might say regarding something that’s on YOUR mind (not to assume that you are curious about such a thing, but I can only be so humble in my choice of words before I begin to sound like a new A.A. recruit trying to out-humble the rest of the sobriety automatons in the room).

I usually don’t divulge too much about myself personally here.  Maryellen brings that angle to our page and has thus far satisfactorily provided plenty of reading material for those of a more voyeuristic mindset.  That’s not a critique; we just have very different styles and that’s why we decided that sharing a page together would not seem redundant.  Aside from my horror story installments, I tend to write on the broad topics of philosophy, physics, politics and pop culture.  What I’m asking of you is to suggest a topic that is less broad.  For instance, “music” is too broad; “Ozzy” is more specific and along the lines of what I’m getting at.  “Buddhism” – too broad and clearly flogging a dead horse; “Richard Gere: An Officer, A Gentleman or a Bodhisattva?” – better.  If it bothers you that I don’t engage in social media or use this blog platform to regale you with the excruciating minutiae of my daily life, then throw a topic at me that demands personal revelation.  Otherwise, just let me know what interests you that I’ve yet to cover in my posts.

If there are a lot of responses, I’ll pick the 3 topics that I find most challenging and post on them within the next few days.  If there are no responses, then I’ll just carry on as normal.  If there are a negative number of responses, I’ll have to reassess my entire understanding of real world quanta.  So, my friends, what’s on your minds that you wish to transfer to mine?

30 thoughts on “Challenge The Curmudgeon!

  1. I’d like you to talk about politics, specifically on this one…. why you think that orange -haired guy will complete his term, or not. In my opinion he will not be impeached, and nothing will happen even if he takes down the whole country with him, because the media will protect him, because he is the goose that lays the golden eggs. What’s your take on this.

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  2. Respect on the Walter White House, a few years ago I did a road trip across the US and stopped by in a very creepy way at an unnatural hour.

    Topic: which parent took you to a schools sports event first and how did it change your view of the other parent?

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    1. Very interesting topic. It’s probably for the best that you stopped by that house at an unnatural hour. The people who actually live there are quite fed up with everyone hanging out in front of their home and occasionally throwing pizzas on the roof.

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  3. I like your Mindfulness pieces. Sometimes you seem to speak from an out-of-body place, removed from your usual snark. How about something relating to Tibet? Or, in a bizarrely related vein, the ‘angry’ Monks of Myanmar? Or, something about the progression of events that got you where you are today, drug free, Buddhist and insane (in a good way). No details, just a funny story.

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  4. Hmm… Okay, how about this: what scares you? And I don’t mean like bears or the dark; I’m talking more in an existential sense. I’ve always found you write quite confidently, and you seem like a reasonably stable character (or at least stabler than the rest of us), so I want to know what (if anything) will break that wall. I want to know what challenges the deepest fibre of your being.

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  5. Here’s one for you. How true is the saying, “A daughter’s a daughter all of her life; a son’s a son ’til he gets a wife”? Also, Breaking Bad was one of my favourite things:-)

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  6. When the bathtub crashed through the ceiling in like episode 2 or 3, or maybe it was 1, I just don’t know, I was nauseous for two hours. Usually, a single booger is what catapults me to the brink of a barfing abyss, not dead people, but that scene did me in. And I never watched it again. All my friends were on the Breaking Bad train, but I took the Shameless bus instead. Maybe one day I will once again find the strength to watch it. But probably not. I love that photo of you the way!
    Okay, as for your challenge. I am terrible at these things.

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    1. Here’s my advice, Tanya: skip episodes 2 & 3. Walt and Jesse clean up the bathtub mess, which is very graphic, then they argue for a bit, then they decide to solicit the help of Jesse’s dirt bag friends to sling meth all over ABQ. Now you can move on to episode 4. Or not. I love Shameless almost as much as Breaking Bad, so you’re still riding a very good bus.

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  7. My damn comment got cut off! WHYYY? Anyway, what I said after ‘I am terrible at these things’ was…
    It feels like I am trying to pick out a present for someone and I am really shitty at doing that. It looks like you have lots of great suggestions and I look forward to reading your take on all of them. I am sorry. I suck.

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    1. Ha! You don’t suck. And you’re right, I have quite a few topics to work on and it may take me a while. Especially since my parents, both of whom are in their 80s, are coming to NM to visit me for nearly the whole month of July, so I won’t have nearly as much time to write while they’re here.

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      1. Heh…yes, it sounds nice for me and them. But this is the 7th year in a row of this now traditional July visit and as it draws closer each year, I consider changing my name and moving to Iceland before they arrive. I love them and all, but…yeah. They’re in their 80s. And extremely Catholic. And extremely judgmental and prejudiced, though they don’t see it that way. It’s a strange thing where during their visit, I spend every second counting down the days until they leave; then when they do, I miss them.

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      2. Everything you just said here, is the exact same thing I would have said to you about a visit with my parents. Your feelings are ones that I completely understand. My dad and my stepmom are two proudly Canadian Trump supporters and are two of the most racist and homophobic people I know. And for some reason, they get upset when I don’t share their views. I love them, but I don’t get them at all. And like you, I miss them when they are gone. So, dude, I totally get it. PARENTS – AHHHH! I will be thinking about you and will also ask the universe to give you strength!! Oiy!

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      3. Thank you, Tanya! Yes, you totally get it. And for some reason, whenever I am in their presence, I no longer feel like an adult, but rather as if I had gone through a time warp back to the age of 16.

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