They’re Coming To Take Him Away – Ha Ha!


This is the first post inspired by my “Challenge The Curmudgeon” solicitation of topics from WordPress readers.  Today’s topic comes from Renxkyoko Iglesias.  She’s witty, erudite and can teach you a thing or two about Filipino cuisine.  Check her out here: In response to my entreaty, Ren said: “I’d like you to talk about politics, specifically on this one…. why you think that orange -haired guy will complete his term, or not. In my opinion he will not be impeached, and nothing will happen even if he takes down the whole country with him, because the media will protect him, because he is the goose that lays the golden eggs. What’s your take on this?”

The election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land is not the anomaly that so many political hacks and pundits seem to think it is.  In fact, if you look at the history of US politics from the 1950s onward, you can see the gradual trajectory of divisive rhetoric and policies that seem innocuous on the surface but secretly widen the gap between the classes and choose minority scapegoats upon whose backs these tycoon-placating administrative actions trample.  The time-honored way of creating a scapegoat is fear-mongering.  “Don’t trust those blacks, Jews, women, gays, Muslims, etc.  They’re dangerous and they’re trying to destroy our very way of life!” 

I was born and raised in New Jersey, so I’ve had the misfortune of being painfully aware of Donald Trump since I was a boy.  His greed and lack of basic human empathy have been on display for decades.  But until he decided to dip his toe into the political arena with his shamelessly racist birth certificate nonsense in an attempt to single-handedly sabotage the presidency of Barack Obama, I never really gave him much thought.  Ambivalence transformed into utter disdain as I listened to this flop-haired homunculus telling bald-faced lies on all of the major news networks about the man I considered to be the best president of my lifetime.  We all know what happened after that.

Less than six months into Trump’s usurpation of the presidency, we’re already seeing scandals the likes of which have never arisen at any point in any previous administration – including Nixon’s – and as the American citizens continue to attack one another about differences they’ve been instructed to hate over, it creates the planned smokescreen preventing a clear look into what’s really going on at all levels of governmental power.  But I have a confession to make: as of last week, I am now thoroughly enjoying watching Donald’s meltdown in real time.  In a way, he’s the gift that keeps on giving.  He is incapable of letting even the slightest perceived slight go unanswered, so he takes to Twitter like a 2:00 a.m. drunk and lets loose with unhinged harangues that he fails to notice contradict things he stated publicly just a day or so ago.  He also tweeted himself into being the subject of a massive criminal investigation.  Way to punch downward, Donnie!

According to White House staffers, towards the end of his tenure in office, Nixon would stomp around the Oval Office yelling at the portraits of former presidents.  He was losing his mind.  All power-mad authoritarians experience a similar psychological descent when they begin to lose their grip on power.  They just can’t accept that they are not the unquestioned arbiters of the lives of millions of expendable peons anymore.  This creates a fatal cognitive dissonance that causes them to become desperate…and sloppy…and ultimately, insane.

Trump was raised to be an authoritarian.  He was instilled from a very early age with the idea that if he relentlessly served himself at the expense of others and retaliated tenfold whenever his methods were questioned, he would always be a “winner”.  Roy Cohn, the lawyer for Joseph McCarthy, one of the biggest scumbags in American history, taught little Donnie all of the finer points of being a complete, unyielding bastard.  So he learned from the best.  But alas, he was never taught what to do if, for instance, three-quarters of the global population were to simultaneously take issue with his policies and methods.  He’s not a man who is used to anyone even daring to point out that he has a booger on his face, let alone mocking him in unison on every available media outlet in the world.

I like to think that I’m contributing to his inevitable mental breakdown with my litany of insulting messages on, but that’s pure fantasy on my part.  He doesn’t read the messages posted there and whatever intern does have that job certainly knows that fragile little Don-Don cannot be exposed to such negative comments.  But as the worldwide furor grows louder, there’s only so much shielding him from the truth that his staff can hope to accomplish.

Last week on MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell was interviewing some Washington insiders who claim that Trump has already entered the precarious mental territory that Nixon inhabited in his final days in office.  Allegedly, Donny stomps around the White House yelling at every TV screen airing coverage of the investigation(s) into his treasonous actions.  But here’s the fascinating part: he really doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.  That’s how deluded he is.  As soon as a lie escapes his lips, he becomes its first unquestioning believer.  This is a common element of what the psychological community refers to as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  An utter lack of impulse control is another element of this condition.  I must admit that this is the only psychological disorder I can think of that does not elicit my sympathy – in fact, those who suffer from it just piss me the fuck off.  So anything I can do to expedite the demise of this bloviating idiot, I would do gladly.

If Trump were to survive politically until the last year of his term, I don’t think the GOP-controlled Congress would take any meaningful steps to impeach him in all of that time.  The Republican party has become so morally bankrupt that most of its representatives consider greed, xenophobia and subterfuge to be virtues.  Also, a good percentage of this country’s entitled white male population has just admitted in no uncertain terms that it wants fascism to be the nation’s system of governance.  They’re all good ol’ God-fearing patriots, so what do they care about the plight of people with brown complexions and strange religious beliefs, right?  Right.  It’s not just the president driving this hateful atmosphere, it’s a significant portion of the citizenry.  As such, I have only this to say: fuck the United States.  You heard me.  Its better days – if there ever were better days – are behind it.  Empires fall.  The earth keeps spinning. No big deal.

But people are suffering now because of all this.  People are justifiably terrified for themselves and their loved ones because of all this.  So if we can’t impeach the Idiot-in-Chief, what hope is there for normal, decent people who are just trying to live their lives in peace?  Here’s the good news: there’s plenty of hope.  Trump will not make it through his first year in office.  You heard it here first (well, probably not, but indulge me that little pat on my own back).  He does not like this job, does not want this job, and pines for the days when nobody batted an eye at the frequently self-defeating orders he barked at his underlings.  Despite what he says in his Twitter rants, he is clearly well aware of the kind of trouble he’s in.  He has hired a criminal attorney.  Mike Pence has also hired a criminal attorney.  Trump’s attorney has hired a criminal attorney!  No matter what he says, he knows this is no joke.  But to me it is.  To me, the funniest joke of all time will get to its punchline when Donald is escorted out of the White House in a straightjacket by a team of men in white coats.  This is must-see TV, my friends.  We are witnessing Donnie’s rapid descent into utter madness.  By this time next year, I predict that all coverage of the continuing saga that is the life of Donald J. Trump will be broadcast live from inside Bellevue Hospital.  Hopefully, he’ll have his very own Nurse Ratched to keep him in line and make sure he takes his meds.  Bye bye, Douchebag.

15 thoughts on “They’re Coming To Take Him Away – Ha Ha!

  1. Hope so as The Minions @ his side and in Congress surely will fight to Destroy what The Dick-Tator in Chief leaves standing which leads me toask-What is the difference between isis/dash and The Repubichairs?…….!

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  2. You’re very optimistic.

    The media’s going to protect him. Even MSNBC’s CEO said he was good for the ratings. CNN ‘s still at it. All’s fair and balanced on that network…… there’s going to be a debate on the topic , The earth is flat. CNN will get the lamest guest for the con side and the most aggressive, hostile, pro side guest who will see to it the other one won’t be able to talk. That’s what Republicans do…..Continuously talking over the heads of everyone is part of their strategy. The fact there’s even a debate on that is ridiculous. Both CNN and MSNBC practice false equivalency. The truth should have priority over fairness. I stopped watching the news about a month before the elections. I saw what was going on, and I was right. The media made that orange guy the President of the United States.

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    1. You are 100% correct. I don’t pin my hopes on any media outlet to take the high road and sacrifice profits for the good of the human race. One or two journalists here and there might make a splash with some piece of honest, investigative reporting, but it won’t interest most viewers who just tune in to listen to people yell at each other. That’s why the only thing I think can destroy Trump will be Trump himself. He’s unraveling. But even if what I said does come to pass, we won’t be in much better shape because the purveyors of hate have infested every single pillar of government. Thanks for this topic — it was really fun to write about!

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      1. Well I would say it depends who you’re getting your news from! Obviously the more Republican-oriented channels will defend him, but there are still a lot of good stations out there who make no secret of their disdain for Trump. Why else would he rant on and on about “Fake News”? Maybe it’s just because I’m in Canada, but from our side of things there are more anti-Trump media outlets than not. Sure, he’s good for ratings, but most of that is only because people are tuning in to see a) what stupid thing he’s done today, b) if the world is going to end today, or c) to watch people point out and make fun of his many, many mistakes.

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    1. You just made me think of Dale Gribble on King of The Hill when he became disenchanted with being an exterminator, so he went on a “Vocation Vacation” to learn how to weave baskets. Baskets that consisted of about 5 woven slats that fell apart if someone breathed on them.

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  3. Okay, why is this piece not in the Wall Street Journal, the NYT or the Washington Post? My God, Paul…this is everything. And I hope to hell you are right. Your in-depth analysis has actually given me hope that this nightmare of a global disaster might soon come to an end. Thank you so much for rising to the challenge and writing such an intelligent and hilariously truthful post. WOW!

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