Guilty Conscience

I was a tad harsh on my dad in my last post.  Not that anything I wrote was untrue, but it did have a one-sided focus on what I perceive as his faults at the exclusion of his many great qualities.  And let’s face it: as much as I find myself perplexed at how he lives and how he thinks, I’m sure he finds me equally mystifying, what with my fondness for punk rock music and aversion to haircuts and left-leaning politics and affinity for strange looking Far Eastern religious iconography, among other things.

So even though Dad’s distaste for the internet ensures that he will never read my somewhat disrespectful post, I will extend him an olive branch all the same with this classic Family Guy moment of father-son bonding:


8 thoughts on “Guilty Conscience

    1. Ha! There’s almost zero chance that he’ll read it. My parents don’t have internet service, for one. And even if they did, they are aware that I have a blog and I’ve told them that I swear a lot on it and cover topics that would make them uncomfortable, so even if they were online, they’d take me at my word and ignore my page.

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  1. “That rice got you, bitch.” Classic.
    As much as I adore my mom, she has a knack for occasionally making me feel stupid. I can’t write anything negative about her, as she reads my blog.

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  2. Getting along with one’s dad isn’t always easy. I remember the first time I saw this episode, I died laughing 😀 Giggled a bit this time, too, though I’ve seen it quite some times. A good election of video clip, and a good and personal post.

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