Get A Life


It’s a Sabado caliente here in ABQ, so I’m putting my 2 remaining Curmudgeon challenges on the backburner until tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who gave me such interesting topics to tackle; you’ve made the challenge far more fun than I ever anticipated.

Does anyone remember the short-lived Chris Elliott sitcom Get A Life?  It aired on Fox in its earliest days and somehow managed to survive for 2 seasons.  The basic premise of what was undoubtedly the most bizarre sitcom ever conceived was that Chris is a 35 year old paper boy who lives with his parents, hilariously played by Chris’ real father, Bob of the comedy duo Bob & Ray, and Elinor Donahue, best known for her role as “Kitten” on Father Knows Best.  Chris’ parents were always shown sitting at the kitchen table in their bathrobes begrudgingly entertaining the latest moronic nonsense from their utter humiliation of a son.  Years before South Park gave us the perpetually regenerating Kenny, Chris usually died in some horribly violent way at the end of each episode, only to magically be alive and painfully stupid once again the following week.  The brilliance of this show was that it was so calculatedly retarded that to watch it actually caused physical discomfort.  As Get A Life remains an obscure nugget of 90s pop culture, here’s a short scene to either disgust you or turn you into a die hard fan.  The choice is yours.  This is Chris auditioning for a part in the local musical theater production of “Zoo Animals On Wheels”, the worst fake play ever televised:


6 thoughts on “Get A Life

    1. I will always have enormous respect for Chris Elliott for having the balls to produce something like Get A Life, not to mention his equally ridiculous movie Cabin Boy. And his dad, Bob Elliott, may he rest in peace, got even more of my respect for being willing to be a big part of the show and the movie.

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