Summer Holiday

bernadette driving

That’s Bernadette getting the hell out of Dodge because my parents are due to arrive for another interminable annual visit in just over a week from now.

As it takes all of my mental fortitude to remain consistently pleasant and apolitical in the presence of my astoundingly rigid and overbearingly Catholic parents, I’ll probably be posting very little here for most of the next month.  A lot can happen in four weeks’ time.  The world may end; then again, it may not.  Maryellen might jump in and post new material for you to read; then again, she may not.  Who can say what joys or horrors might transpire with the passage of time?  Not Bernadette, obviously.

Until then – here’s a little something, just because:

11 thoughts on “Summer Holiday

  1. Bernadette makes my heart melt, what a cutie! Stay strong and try not the let your 16-year-old-self make too many appearances. Like I said before, I totally get it and understand the struggle, so I will be thinking of you. All the best to you and your parents, Paul. Going to miss seeing you around!

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