Maryellen Tuttle (aka Mazmisc) and Paul Loughman (aka Desertcurmudgeon) have been friends since we were kindergarten classmates in New Jersey.  As fate would have it, your humble bloggers now reside in Albuquerque, NM.  Our shared passion for writing, music and art had us contemplating a creative collaboration for many years, but until now it has never come to fruition.  So this blog will finally allow us to combine our talents and hopefully reach people who find what we have to say inspiring, entertaining, funny, or even infuriating.  We are nothing if not opinionated.  There will be no set theme to which we will confine our writings, but the state of affairs currently facing our country will certainly be pervasive in our early posts.  We hope above all to reach those people who feel they are alone in their fear, anxiety and sadness, because if you are one of those people, I assure you that you are NOT alone.  We encourage any and all feedback, although hateful reactions to anything we may say will be largely ignored.  Constructive criticism is encouraged.  We both sincerely hope that our musings may give some comfort to those in need of it, as well as laughs for those who crave humor in these uncertain times.  We are admittedly amateurs, but feel we have something worthwhile to say.  I hope you find it worthwhile, too.